16/09/2021: 7:35 PM GMT: Release r0.0.0


We have made a number of updates to our products, services and signups.


  1. [FEATURE REQUEST] - New Looks
  2. [UPDATE REQUEST] - Update Footer Links
  3. [WEBSITE CHANGE] - Community Standards


No bugs were reported for this release.

Release Data

Release: r0.0.0

Release Discussion: r0.0.0

Release Milestone: r0.0.0

Release Project: r0.0.0

21/08/2021: 18:00 GMT: Release v0.0.0-Alpha
07/08/2021: 17:46 GMT: Coming Soon

We are going to be making some changes to our community. In the next month or two, we will be changing the name of our website, the main website address and much more.

Please do not worry you do not have to do anything, we will deal with it all. Once we complete the changes you will notice you will be redirected to the new website address along with cosmetic changes to the website like our logo.  

If you would like to be informed about our changes please visit our Facebook Page and our Facebook Group don't forget to like, follow and join.

You can also visit our GitHub below.

Within GitHub you can see tickets on bugs, features, and more. If you want to we also hold discussions and listen to our community's members. 

We will look forward to seeing you on the website soon. 


LGBTQIA+ Community

Administration Team

P.S We will soon be looking for volunteers via our Facebook page and groups. 

19/03/2021: 12:00 PM GMT: Release 0.0 Alpha

We have just released our latest update to the LGBTQIA+ Community Website https://www.lgbtqiaplus.community/ and here are some details about the latest update.


  • New Site Design - Narrow and Full-Width versions.
  • New Video Player - For better viewing of videos.
  • New Editor - For better posting.
  • Polls - Dedicated polling system for members.
  • Chat Rooms - Chat rooms with webcam features.
  • Report A Bug - on the bottom footer menu the ability to report bugs.


  • Footer menu links updated.
  • Home page cleaned up for better viewing, also cleaner for mobile users.
29/12/2020: 5:43 PM GMT: Home Page Updated

We have updated the front page to make it look more neat. 

29/12/2020: 3:52 PM GMT: Website Moved To New Server

We have moved the website to a new server and is now running much faster. Enjoy laughing

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